Rayvn Zepheria

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Rayvn Zepheria

Post by Hale Caldwell on Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:44 pm

Name: Rayvn Zepheria
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Profession: Engineer/ Owner of Aeroinc
Hobby(ies): Collector, Air Surfing

Element: Wind
Curse: Amnesia

The line went dead and the smile on my face broadened even further. I had such a fun time teasing my competition, but with Kas, it was even more enjoyable. Springing to my feet, I walked away from my desk and out towards the window overlooking the field below. Twelve wind powered turbines were situated in an arc around the Raven’s Nest, each a different model with alterations depending on the environmental conditions. The nest served as my central office complex where all my subjects worked and helped to improve my original design. Granted, no one has been able to enhance the model but myself, but at least they attempted.

“How was your mocking, Mistress?” A blue haired maid appeared behind me, holding a platter of tea and cookies.

“It was quite enjoyable, especially because this will be the 26th computer he’s destroyed,” an image of a window breaking and a dark object falling into the sea was projected on the window “It always satisfies me to watch his frustration. Now let’s enjoy tea time before I have to set up the scheduling for the new launch of the AeroGarden. Make sure that all of the staff are updated on the new plan and ready to execute.”

“Yes Mistress, will that be all?”

“Oh just one more thing. Have someone collect that monitor. I’d like to see it next to the twenty-five others in my gallery downstairs. That will be all though.” I sat down at my desk and poured myself a cup of tea. Taking a sip and took a bite of one of the oatmeal cookies. “Wonder how I can torture him more?”

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