Kasper McAllister

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Kasper McAllister

Post by Antyx7 on Wed Aug 03, 2016 5:49 pm

Name: Kasper Mcallister
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Profession: Engineer/ Owner of Hydrox
Hobby(ies): Swimming, Surfing,

Element: Water
Curse: Vertigo

The sound of my footsteps making contact with the steel flooring clashed with the sound of a Japanese Koto playing over the speaker. There was a certain appeal to the instrument that helped make the workday more relaxing. Doors sliding open, the main floor and workspace of the company was sprawled before me. The circular room was designed to keep the workers close to the outcome of their labor. Desks and tables lined the outer perimeter of the space, bodies constantly walking to and from different stations. But towards the center of the room, the swirling vortex that powered our complex laid, HydroWhirl:A0. This was the pride and joy of our labors, a self powering whirlpool that managed to produce more energy than it consumed.

A few heads turned as I entered the room, and some even gestured a sign of hello, but most of them were busy monitoring the specially built turbine that caused the whirlpool to maintain its shape and power at a minimum of energy. Others were tasked with monitoring the multiple HydroWhirls across the world, but this was the alpha, the one that powered all. Making my way around the room and into my own office space, I sat down behind the desk and grinned in contentment. This was all my doing, I had constructed and now monopolized the hydropower industry all within half a decade, a feat not many can claim. An email notification appeared in the bottom right of my computer screen. Clicking on it, a video popped up of a white haired female smirking at the camera. This bitch…

“Hey Kaspy! I just wanted to congratulate you on the opening of HydroWhirl:B23. It must be fun splashing around in the water all the time especially with all the disgusting sea life and garbage floating about. I on the other hand have just established my twelfth AeroStream.”

“She’s only made twelve so far. Psh what a joke.” I chuckled to myself.

“Go ahead and laugh, but what you fail to realize is this is my new generation that also purifies the air, as well as powers the turbines! Because of this success, I’m being nominated for a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. If you’d like, I could probably get you an invitation to the ceremony. By basking in my presence, you might be able to learn a bit on how to be succes-”

The computer screen flew out of the window behind me and down to the ocean below. Pressing the red button on the office phone, “I require a new monitor again, and can you send the recovery crew to retrieve the old one.”

“Yes Sir.” A female voice responded. Seconds later, the phone in my pocket buzzed with a picture an upright triangle with a horizontal line going along the top portion.


“Mwahahahaha!” A familiar voice laughed.

“Rayvn!” I pressed the red button and returned to my work, slightly disgruntled.


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