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Hale Caldwell

Post by Hale Caldwell on Tue Aug 02, 2016 10:35 pm

Name : Hale Caldwell
Hobbies: Reading, Writing.
Zodiac : Libra
Weapon Style: Fencing
Favorite Food : Chicken Marsala
Orientation: Bisexual
Element: Light

"Hello everyone, I'm Professor Caldwell. First order of business, do not dare waste your money on a textbook. This is a Psychology course the entire goal is human interaction and you kids have enough to pay for these days, not to mention that you used your money to receive professional instruction from a teacher. That is what I am going to do for you.

I knew ever since I was little that I wanted to be a teacher. I'd experienced such a complete destitution of teachers growing up and by that I mean completely qualitative not quantitative that it inspired me to want to completely veer away from their methods. Human behavior fascinates me, for I feel there is nothing more beautiful nor ugly than the human mind. It is this shock value that excites me to know more, or perhaps it is my profound loneliness that causes me to reach out to social callings. But let's not evaluate ourselves...that is a recipe for failure.


I recognized that voice, the young man had taken three of my courses already and was always sitting in the front seat. It made perfect logical sense that if you experience synergy with an instructor and their techniques are conducive to your cognitive patterns that you should request them again as teaching catalysts so I thought nothing of it.

At the time...

"You weren't at your office during office hours Professor Caldwell."

Christopher leaned against the doorway to my classroom and smiled at me.

"Sorry Mister Wolf-"

"-Its Chris."

"-Er Chris, I was called in to a last minute meeting today. Your grades are flawless though, I'm sure you managed to resolve the issue on your own."

He brightened, "You noticed?"

Odd thing to ask, guess his parents weren't too involved with him.

"Of course I did, you're a very bright student and you provide excellent insights on your written work, you're even a little bit of a brown noser using references from books I've written," I teased amiably.

"I've read all your books, you're a genius Professor, your wife is a lucky woman."

"No one is crazy enough to be able to put up with me," I flashed him my empty ring hand.

Something crossed his eyes.

"Its okay Professor, you can make it up to me. Could we discuss the next paper over coffee?"

Warning signs went off in my head. "I will have regular office hours tomorrow Chris, and we can discuss it then."

He came closer and stood next to my desk, "So you want to see me in your office tomorrow?"

"Yes, to discuss your paper."

He looked down and met my eyes, "I'll be waiting."

Hale Caldwell

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