Kasai Seikatsu

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Kasai Seikatsu

Post by Hale Caldwell on Tue Aug 02, 2016 10:01 pm

Name : Kasai Seikatsu
Hobbies: Anything Competitive
Zodiac : Sagittaruius
Weapon Style: Archery
Favorite Food : Strawberry Mochi
Orientation: Bisexual
Element: Fire

Do not just beat the competition, completely crush their will to ever stand up to you ever again.

Thank you Daddy, your words have guided me my entire life.

I kicked the man directly between his legs and he dropped to the ground.

"Oh you poor thing, care to make me a better offer?"

"You...bitch...I'll have you arrested."

I eyed him dangerously, "Awww, going to tell everyone that mister 250 pound muscle got beat up by little 130 pound me?"

His eyes watered in pain but he said no more.

"Now I'm not robbing you, I'm simply asking you to offer me a reasonable price for your company. It is after all in my territory, running you out of business could be accomplished with a simple text. Now I suggest you grovel some more."

A man on his knees begging, ah what a glorious sight.

He weakly signed the contract that had dropped from his hands and offered it back to me.

He moved to stand and I ground my stiletto heel into his shoulder forcing him to remain prostrated before me.

"It is only by my grace that you dare to stand, are we understood?"

He nodded weakly and I smiled, "Good boy."

I turned and strode out of his office.

I texted Felix, You can reboot their security systems now.

That was quick, he gave in that easily? Man I was hoping you'd get to thrash him some more.

Not in this outfit, blood totally clashes with this white button down.

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