Kei Ichihara

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Kei Ichihara

Post by Dark_Kei on Tue Aug 02, 2016 8:53 pm

Name: Kei Ichihara
Age: 25
Career: Rock Band Lead Singer/ Ex Con
Orientation: Bisexual
Element: The Dark

Kei was always a tough guy, and he never had an easy life. h e was born in small town called, kyushu, japan. He and his mother lived alone in a small home surround by a forest. His mother had a love for the earth and the creatures that inhabited it. While growing up alongside her he was homeschooled but, was highly intelligent and had a love for many things. Kei loved music, singing but, most of all he loved martial arts. His mother knew an old family fighting style and in their free time of living and learning she would teach him her family’s fighting style.
As he grew older Kei learned more and more about his mother’s past and knew she resided in such a remote land because, she wanted out of the life she married into. His father’s family had ties with a large Yakuza and she didn’t want that life for him. It wasn’t long after her telling this that someone broke into their home and murdered her. Kei had gone to the village hours before to head to the market and when he got back the police said that a commotion came from the home and they had found his mother dead. Since Kei was only 14 at the time he was sent on the next flight out to America to live with the man he never knew, his grandfather.
His grandfather was a rich man and quite scary to meet; he was part of the Yakuza his mother warned him about. His grandfather and his father never pressured him to the life but, they made his life a living hell for not being a part of it. The two of them drank a lot with their henchmen and the henchmen often fought him to try to toughen him up and force him into the life. When none of the men could beat him, his father had stop pressuring him and enrolled him in a local high school where he meet two friends that would change his life. They all took him under their wings and they all had a common interest, music.
Kei and his friends would play guitar and drums together whenever they could; the boys had such a love for rock music they hoped that one day they would become a band. After three years of playing together another friend joined the fray and the five of them began a band together. They would rock out in the garage of Kei’s house which often pissed off his father and lead to many beatings when his friends left. By their Senior year of high school the boys began to play at local venues and pubs throughout the city. By the time they graduated the boys got picked up by an agency and signed with a company. They called their band, Craddle Grave.
The boys were an instant hit and as time passed they got sucked into the life of sex, drugs, and women. They travelled all over the States and they were very well known overseas as well. They one awards for Best Music Video and Album of the Year that year and everyone expected a lot of success from them. This all happened so quickly and by the summer the boys turned 19, they were experiencing so much. Even though they were young adults some people couldn’t accept that; and that was Kei’s family.
The summer that Kei turned 22 his bandmates got kidnapped by his father and grandfather and it was up to Kei to save them. As Kei went to their hideout his Grandfather and father pressured him again to leave the band and join their Yakuza. If he didn’t join them, they threatened to kill his bandmates. Something snapped in Kei and by the time he came to he awoke in pools of his grandfather, his father, and the henchmen’s blood.Even though Kei saved his bandmates, he was sentenced to three years in prison for their murders. As Kei gets close to his release date he already has the pressure to come back to the music industry from his label and he is unsure how to handle this all. How will Kei take his life now that he is from his family’s dark past...or is he?

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